Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm on vacation next week. I told Baby Girl about it a few days ago. I brought it up again this morning and the following conversation ensued

Mama: Baby girl, we're going on vacation next week!
Baby Girl: TO THE CAPE!
M: yup, to the Cape!
BG: To see Nana and Kitty?
M: well... Nana will be there for a little while and I guess we'll keep Kitty there for the week, so yes.
BG: And Grandpa?
M: Um... Grandpa has to work
BG (getting annoyed with me): CAPE WITH NANA, KITTY, AND GRANDPA!!
M: Would you like it if Daddy and I stayed home?
BG: yes.

okay. Well. Sorry kid, I'm the one getting up in the middle of the night to drive 60 miles to a job I hate so we can afford things like this, SO I'M GOING TOO!

I did think about the kind of vacation we could take if we weren't paying a second mortgage in daycare costs.... I would be a whole hell of a lot closer to the equator!

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