Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy May!

I know, it's a big picture this month. There's just no way to crop that to be any smaller.

Hi Goose!

So - now that I am married (to someone else), I have a child (with someone else), he is now married (to not me), it's against his law to marry me (since I am technically Catholic), and we've never actually met.... do I give up the dream of marrying Prince William? Or do I just set my sights on Harry?

Well, I know you've either been asked it a million times, or told anyone who will listen to you how you don't care... but what did we think of the dress?

I liked it. Yeah, the bottom was a little plain - but she was marrying a Prince in Westminster Abbey. It's not like she could wear a tightfitting strapless dress. They wouldn't have let her in the door.

Also.... you know you secretly want to be Pippa. As the head Lady in Waiting, she pretty much gets to hang out with her sister at all the fun events, live the good life, but not actually have to deal with the whole "I'm going to be Queen of England" drama.

God, do those Middleton girls ever have look bad?

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