Thursday, April 07, 2011


Sorry I've been away. We went out of state to visit relatives this past weekend and for some reason, our laptop refuses to connect to their wireless. We've tried everything in the book and we eventually just stopped bringing it. Thank god for 3G iPhones. Much fun and merriment was had this weekend, but I slept terribly and I was a zombie on Monday. I need a weekend to just stay at home and lie on the couch for 48 hours. I wonder how well that would go over with my insane toddler.

The Target brand of Fiber One bars are just not as good as the real Fiber One bars (oats and chocolate, natch). Just in case you were wondering. The Target brand is like $2 bucks cheaper though. Aaah, Target, you are a cruel mistress.

Tomorrow is Friday! Woo Friday! These weekends are far too short, byt my 4 day weekend for Memorial Day weekend is coming around the corner! Unfortunately, that means my 30th birthday is around the corner...

To those of you keeping track at home, no, I have not started c25k. Soon. I promise. It rained Monday and Tuesday, what do you want from me? Oh.... this whole thing was my idea? Right.

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