Tuesday, March 08, 2011

One... Two.... Oornie!

Baby Girl has found a new book to read 5 trillion times a day. It's only 6 pages long - so that's good. But it's only 6 pages long, so I want to shoot myself when I'm reading it for the 4,999,999,999th time.

It's a Sesame (Tepame in BG's language) Street counting book. Elmo counts the animals and Ernie helps along the way. We were on page two where we count 2 Striped Tigers and 3 Proud Peacocks. Of course, being the Super Mom that I am, we have to actually count all these animals.

Mama: 2 striped tigers. One, Two.
Baby Girl: One, Two!

Mama: 3 proud peacocks. One. Two. Three.
Baby Girl: One... Two.. OORNEE!! (Ernie).

She then laughs hysterically and we flip the page to 4 Waddling Penguins

Mama: 4 Waddling Penguins. One. Two. Three. Four.
Baby Girl: One... Two... OORNEE!!! More laughter.

Who knew Ernie could be so funny?

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