Sunday, March 13, 2011

lessons learned

I'm kind of in a fight with every daycare mother... in the world. We took Baby Girl to her friend's 3rd birthday party this weekend. When we got there we noticed something... every other parent there had a coffee. All of them.

Except us. No coffee for Baby Girl's parents! No one told us that parents bring coffee. It wasn't that one of them had a coffee and I wish I had thought of that. Oh no. Every. Single. Parent.

I should have guessed, we do live in New England and we have a Dunkin Donuts on every corner. And they do make the best coffee in the world. So I should have been able to figure it out that the parents bring a coffee while they sit and watch their kids run crazy around the little gym. Well, my girl was attached to my leg for awhile, but she did eventually loosen up. It's not like she hasn't spent most of her waking hours with the kids...

I'm so ready for the next party. I will be there with coffee in hand! Bring on the next Princess Birthday Party invitation!

Also, the daycare gossip was fabulous and I want more!

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