Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have to make a confession: I don't separate my laundry. Dark colors, light colors, and whites - they all go in the same load. I will make an exception if I have a brightly colored piece of clothing that hasn't been washed before, or if I feel like bleaching the whites. But I really hate the smell of bleach, so I don't bleach my whites every time I do laundry.

It's very liberating to not separate your laundry, I highly recommend it.

Some Valentine's day pictures:

Baby Girl before she went to school in the morning. Wasn't her shirt cute?

Presents waiting for Baby Girl to come home!

Pretty tissue paper, I wonder who did that?

And we're Valentine's Day'd out - ready for bed, wearing Daddy's shirt

Her Valentine's Day present from her little friend Zoe - it's a cling for the window. I just love this picture!

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Anonymous said...

I don't either! I separate into 4 categories: my clothes, Aaron's clothes, Ian's clothes, and towels.