Sunday, February 13, 2011

busy busy busy

Here we are again, winding down yet another crazy weekend. Andrew and I went skiing at Gunstock Mountain on Saturday, which meant packing up our skiis (and we're currently missing a key component of our ski racks, so they had to go in the car), skiing gear, 2 days worth of clothing for the three of us, food and toys for our Baby Girl, and lastly - the child herself, and cram it all into a teeny Corolla. Then we re-packed everything and went home this morning. It was a lot of work for one day of skiing. But we all got to visit with family and Baby Girl was spoiled (natch) so we all had a lot of fun.

But my god, I am tired. Baby Girl has a nasty cold and they don't make cold medicine for toddlers. Apparently they used to make it - when I discovered that baby cold medicine used to exist, I was so much less confused. I did not understand why parents of teenagers and older kids were so befuddled over the fact that I don't give BG cold medicine. Apparently it existed when their kids were younger - but alas, it does not now. It all got pulled from the shelves about a decade ago and the FDA won't allow it to be sold anymore. Something about little babies getting over medicated and then ODing on the stuff. Yuck.

Anyway, the point of that ramble is that baby girl has a cold, short of steaming her out a few times a day in a very steamy bathroom, there is nothing I can do. Which means she isn't sleeping very well and the 3 of us shared my nephew's bedroom for two nights (and he was banished to the couch. I have guilt over that). None of us really slept. She was sneezing, wheezing, and coughing all night. I was constantly sticking my head in her pack'n'play, trying to make sure she wasn't chocking on all the phlegm she was coughing up, and Andrew just couldn't sleep through the commotion. We are all tired bunnies today. Plus - Andrew and I had a full day of skiing yesterday! We are not used to so much exercise!

Recap: busy weekend. BG has a cold. No one slept.

And it's time to go back to work!

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