Monday, December 27, 2010

stir crazy

Fear not, dear readers. I did not trek into work today! Though I totally could have gone in this afternoon if daycare had been open. The roads are fine. We only got a foot of snow, so the storm wasn't as bad as predicted in terms of actual snowfall. But the wind was really bad and there are crazy snowdrifts.

Baby girl is DONE with being stuck at home, and it's only been a day and a half. She literally had a 20 minute temper tantrum where she stood in the corner, put her hands on the wall and hysterically cried. If I tried to go near her she would get so upset that she'd start to shake and scream " NO MAMA NO MAMA NO MAMA".

Did I get that on tape? Obviously. I did feel badly for her though, she's sick and teething, and is sick to death of her 881 SF of living space. We did take her outside yesterday to give her a few minutes of running around, but it's really cold and windy today and she's still too little to really enjoy it. So inside we stay...

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