Sunday, December 12, 2010


We are still under attack from this lovely virus - I'm using safe mode now just to be able to browse the interwebs. I think we will admit defeat some night this week and see if our friends on the Geek Squad can help.

I hate viruses. They suck. I want a Mac.

No, really. I desperately want a Mac. But Macbooks are $1,000. My cousin told me he bought a refurbished one for 20% off through the apple website, but I can't find any. Just as well, I don't have $800 lying around any more than I have $1,000!

Last night we went to the Boston Pops with my parents and grandmother. It was really nice - I hadn't been to the Pops since I was a kid. I think I may have enjoyed the sing-along more now than I did then! Symphony Hall is amazing... if you ever get a chance to go, jump on it.

Baby Girl has started asking "what's that?" constantly. I have been dreading this phase pretty much since she was born. When she says it, it sounds more like "Wa-da?". This is the transcript from the conversation we had in the checkout line at the grocery store today:

BG: wa-da?
Me: It's a light
BG: no
Me: okay.

BG: wa-da? wa-da? wa-da?
Me: Those are all lights
BG: no
Me: I can't help you anymore.

BG: wa-da?
Me: It's a balloon
BG: Ball!
Me: close enough, it's a ball!
BG: wa-da?
Me: um... a ball
BG: no.

Good thing she's cute...

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