Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let it Snow!

It's finally snowing!

Or as Baby Girl puts it, "Mama!!! It's NO-MING! It's NO-MING!"

But don't let her crazy excitement over the fact that it's NO-MING! fool you into thinking that she wants to actually touch it. Oh HELLZ NO. We can spaz, run to the windows, repeat ad nauseam that it's NO-MING! out, but please, do not let even a flake of it touch her.

What can I say, the girl is crazy.

I am done with work until the Monday after Christmas. I wish I could say I am done until after the new year, but I could never save that much vacation time for December. I live in New England, I get 8 weeks a year of nice weather. I'm going to take most of my vacation time in those 8 weeks! But at least I have tomorrow off to help Santa and the elves with some last minute toy assembly, food shopping, last minute gifts that I forgot about, cleaning, and wrapping. I honestly do not know how I would get it all done if I didn't at least have tomorrow off. I left a mess at work and it's going to be hell going back to it Monday, but in the immortal words of Miss Scarlet, tomorrow is another day!

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