Thursday, December 16, 2010

Am I the Grinch?

For the past 3 years I have done a Secret Santa exchange with some fabulous ladies, not all of whom I know personally. We have a $15 dollar limit and you ship the item to your secret santa, since everyone is pretty spread out not only across the state, but across the country as well. In the past I've received a toy for BG, scarf and gloves, DD gift card... and I think that might be it, there may have been some smaller things I can't remember. I've sent out similar things to my secret santa. I always love what I get and really appreciate it.

My present came in today and while normally I'm a stickler for waiting for Christmas morning to open presents, generally people open these presents right away so they can thank their secret santa - who in turn is reassured that their present actually got to the intended recipient.

I cut into the box (bonus, I'm shipping my present out tomorrow and can re-use the box!) and I notice there are a lot of presents in the box for a $15 limit. I pull out a reusable coffee mug. Awesome! I take coffee with me every day and I am constantly leaving the mugs in the car, at work, or in the sink without cleaning it. I always need more. Then I pull out an adorable (obviously homemade, but in the really adorable, cute, thoughtful way) photo frame. It's really nice. Then I pull out a book - The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, which I have wanted to read for a really long time. AND I'M STILL NOT DONE... there was still a BIG thing of Vanilla Bean body lotion from Bath and Body Works!!

I love all those presents and I'm super excited about all of them... BUT WHAT THE EFF HAPPENED TO THE $15 LIMIT???? Yay for me for having the most generous secret santa ever, but now I have major guilt over the present I am shipping out tomorrow. Grant I also spent more than $15, but by about $3. I'm almost positive my secret santa spent $45 - $50 on me.

Are you supposed to stick to spending limits in something like this? I thought yes... but maybe I'm super cheap and Grinchy???

But I cannot wait to read my new book!

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