Friday, November 19, 2010


Harry Potter opened at midnight last night. I was supposed to go see it on Saturday night, but my parents had a scheduling conflict, so now I'm not going to see it for a week! Meh! I'm a much bigger fan of the books than the movies, but I still wanted to see it close to opening night. Sometimes babies are such a pain in the neck. Cute, but pains in the neck.

Unless he is in her line of vision, Baby Girl is convinced her father is either at work or in the bathroom. That's it - those are the only two places he could ever be. And when she gets one of those ideas in her head, you cannot dissuade her of it. This morning Andrew went to work early, and I did the morning routine. When I went in to get Baby Girl up, she first informed me that Cookie was on the floor (well, yes - that's what happens when you throw him out of your crib...) and then told me that Daddy was in the bathroom. I corrected her and let her know that Daddy was at work. She looked at me like I was an idiot and said in small simple words so I could understand: "Daddy. In. Bathroom. (and then added the nonverbal YOU DUMBHEAD)".

No child of mine, he isn't.

We continued to argue about this until I dropped her off at school. We even went into the bathroom to brush our teeth and I let her look behind the shower curtain. Daddy was no where to be found. Because he was.... at work.

I'm pretty sure she will tell her teachers all day to day that Mama is a dope and Daddy is in the bathroom.

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Bree said...

You are in for a looooonnng few years if you think arguing with a toddler will EVER work in your favor. Repeat after me: "Okay, kid, whatever you say."