Wednesday, October 06, 2010

So what do we think about Randy Moss?

Here's my take on the whole sitch: 2010 is clearly a rebuilding year. I don't think anyone over in Foxboro really thought that this was going to be another Super Bowl year. Randy started running his mouth (and using atrocious grammar), he had been rumored to be causing trouble for awhile, and we all know that he wasn't going to finish out his contract with any sort of effort (or dignity for that matter).

The biggest head scratcher for me is that we only got a 3rd round draft pick. I know that the Vikings only picked up the rest of his contract, and no one is going to give up a first round pick to get someone for 13 more regular season games, but still - only a 3rd round pick? You'd think they would at least throw in a funny viking hat. Or a box of highlighters.

Though I know that there are holes in this argument (that I have already pointed out in some conversations), but Andrew pointed out tonight that they won three Super Bowls without Moss and none with him. And we did score 6 times on Monday night without his help.... so I'm guessing we can move on.

Of course now the guys that were covering Moss are now going to be attracted to Welker like a magnet...

mmmm.... Wes Welker.......

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