Monday, September 13, 2010


I watch a lot of TV. I'm not going to lie about it and say that I don't - because that what you are supposed to say; you aren't supposed to admit your TV is ever on. The DVR was my downfall, I honestly did not watch the amount of TV that I watch now before I had a DVR. But now that I can pick and choose when I want to watch my shows, I choose to watch a lot. Most of them get viewed on Friday and Saturday nights when we have time to catch up on them.

So you can imagine my excitement that the fall TV season is almost here! The shows that I watch are:

Big Bang Theory
Biggest Loser
Modern Family
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice (though I will admit to have this one on in the background while I'm doing something else. I really only watch it because I loved Addison's character on Grey's)
The Office
Law & Order SVU

That doesn't include my summer season shows: Army Wives, Mad Men, Royal Pains, and Drop Dead Gorgeous. They are all over, or almost over now.

Andthis fall I may start the new L&A spin off, and possibly that show about the kids who graduated in 2000 and where they are 10 years later. But I really shouldn't add any more shows to my lineup, huh?

They are almost here!


Bree said...
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Meghan said...

Read the whole list!