Thursday, September 02, 2010

Labor Day

As if Labor Day isn't hard enough.... I *should* be on my way to the cape right now. I'm not, because the cape is going to be pummeled by Hurricane Earl.

I hate you, Earl.

I have lived through countless storms and northeasters that did significant damage, but I have only lived through two major hurricanes that packed a giant punch to New England: Hurricane Gloria and Hurricane Bob.

Hurricane Gloria: I believe I was 4 years old. My grandparents were at my house because at the time they lived in a VERY floody area (yes, I just invented the word "floody"). I was playing on the swingset and my father and grandfather were standing around. It began to rain as I was going down the slide and my father said something to the effect of "the hurricane started, time to go inside" and I was all I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE HURRICANE!!!!! I don't remember anything else.

Hurricane Bob: I was older, wikipedia is telling me I was 10, but would have sworn I was older than that. Anyway, Bob hit earlier in the summer (obviously, as his name was Bob) and all the boats were still in the water. When I say "all the boats" I mean my father's boat, all of his friends' boats, and our little sailboats. If I was 10 that means my brother was 13 (though I'm still not convinced we were that young...) and we both had N10's in the water. So my dad and all the other dads were were taking care of their boats and we (all the children of these men) were running our little sailboats across the street. Seriously. Imagine driving down a street and stopping so like 6 or 7 young kids can run their sailboats across the street. We were on the news - some random newscaster was setting up to do his obligatory "look, I'm at the water telling you how bad it will be!" newscast and I guess he couldn't help himself from filming a bunch of kids literally running around carrying boats. And I say "little" boats, but if memory serves me correctly, those N10's are about 12 feet long. I'm sure it was a sight to behold

So GO AWAY EARL!! I want to go down the cape for one last weekend!

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