Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I think I am going to leave the hydrangea picture up through September. Is that cheating? I know what you're thinking "um... hydrangeas aren't even in bloom this late in summer". To which I reply "eff you for mentioning we are closer to fall than spring".

But really, is it cheating?

Anyway, I have already purchased a new fall shirt and I'm looking for new fall shoes as we speak (whoo hoo dual monitors!). My second favorite thing about fall is you always need new clothes! Always! Or maybe that's just me. For some reason, when I go to transition out my warmer clothes for my cooler clothes (which I won't have to do for at least a month, if that) I never seem to have any warmer clothes. Sure I've got sweaters, but that's about it. Oh and since I didn't have any spring/summer clothes (because last year I was pregnant and then on maternity leave), I wore those sweaters into June. And on some desperate days, I still do wear them. I just tell myself it's because of the AC at work. It's really because I don't have any clothes.

So clearly I NEED more fall clothes. So I might as well start now.

What? pay down the mortgage? slip a little more into BG's 529? Boost savings?


I need clothes!

This is what I bought this morning: Sorry it's blurry. But you get the idea. It's cute. Can I wear it to work? no. Should I be buying clothes that I can't wear to work? No. Did I buy it anyway? Hells yes!!

Now onto some shoes....

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