Tuesday, July 27, 2010

mmmm... fries and ranch....

I'm not a foodie. I'd like to be, in theory. I'd like to eat lots of good food. But I live in the 'burbs, and there aren't a whole lot of good restaurants around me. There are okay ones where you can get a good sandwich or maybe some chicken, and that's really all we've got. Although there is a Bar Louie at Patriot's Place which is close enough to me and has really great food. I love Bar Louie. Although, sa a rule I try to avoid chain restaurants and that is a chain.... but it's not a cheesy chain like Friday's or Uno's or something, so I allow it.

I like making up my own rules and then bending them

This whole post is coming from the fact that we had ham sandwiches for dinner. I wish that had not happened. I feel like I got cheated out of dinner. Maybe if I was some sort of foodie, I wouldn't have had to have ham sandwiches for dinner. I can't really explain how one would lead to the other, but I really believe my chances of having a better dinner tonight would have risen, had I been a foodie.

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Andrew said...

Keep talking about us having ham sandwiches on your blog and people are going to take up a collection for us... actually, that's not a bad idea! HAM SANDWICHES HAM SANDWICHES HAM SANDWICHES! (disclaimer to readers: we actually prefer ham sandwiches; we have ham steak that, upon viewing it at 6 pm, is completely displeasing unless it is "sandwiched" between some form of carbohydrate. If it was socially acceptable to eat ham steak between slices of potato wedges, we'd probably do that too.)