Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quack Quack!!

My daughter loves ducks. Not real ones, of course. The bright yellow kind. Preferably rubber. She has a gigantic one that she baths in. It even quacks when you squeeze his beak. She's terrified of it if she looks it is head on. But sitting in the tub part if it brings endless joy.

Even when it's sitting in the living room, with no water in it.

At least 78 thousand times a day, we have to go visit Mr. Duckie (he lives in the grown up bathtub). When we do, we have to announce our presence by saying "Quack Quack!". Sometimes, Mr. Duckie is taking a nap and we have to close the bathroom door so he can sleep. That Mr. Duckie, he needs his nap after the billionth time in an hour that we have visited him...

"Quack" is Baby Girl's favorite word. She has a few words in her mini vocabulary: book (ookkkk), ball (baaaa), bottle (baa baa), moo (mmmmmmm) Mama and Dada. But none of those words compare to quack quack.

She wakes up saying it. She says it She goes to bed saying it.

She's one crazy duckling.

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