Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST and other adventures


(contains spoilers)
well, I'm not sure I should even be commenting on the episode. It's been like pulling teeth to get me to watch the past 2 or 3 seasons. I just like the first few seasons better. I watched about 7 hours of LOST last week so I would be able to catch up and watch the finale. I couldn't even watch it all, I fell asleep and got up at 5am to finish it. I didn't like it. Andrew disagrees with me, he thought it was a good ending. Here are a few reasons why I wasn't thrilled:

1. All the unanswered questions. I know they told us that not all the questions would be answered. I was accepting of that. But the only question that was answered for me was who Jacob was. I have more questions now than I did yesterday at this time
- Why didn't the MIB turn into the smoke monster? Desmond didn't - is it because of his freakish resistance to electromagnetism?
- what was that light?
- seriously - MIB didn't have a name? like, ever?
- if Jacob fixed it that no one could leave the island, how come the Dharma people could come and go as they pleased?
- Why was the Dharma Initiative there in the first place?
- What is Ben's DEAL?
I have more, but I think I'm making my point.

2. Jack. Really? It was Jack? When Locke/MIB said to him "don't you think you're the obvious choice"? I wanted to throw something. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jacob didn't ask him to do it, he volunteered. But Jack? Come on, for a show that has never been predictable that was ridic. RIDIC. Also, Jack was the only one who died? I don't know, that bothered me for some reason.

3. Christian Shephard guided them through the door to the other side? lame. LAME.



Bree said...

1.) Why didn't the MIB turn in to the Smoke Monster? You mean when he and Jack were fighting it out? Because at that point, the light was extinguished, which was the only time when he and the protector of the island could kill each other. Or why did he turn into the monster in the first place? That's because he absorbed, if you will, all the light. But since he was confined to the island, the light wasn't necessarily extinguished? (That's my take.) ANd yes, Desmond's freakish resistance to electromagnetism played into his not dying when he extinguished the light.
-that light was the gateway to the beyond--"heaven," "afterlife" or whatever the respective castaway believed in.
-I've heard that MIB's name was Samuel, but the producers believed that the evil dude should have been as cryptic as possible.
-the Dharma people couldn't come and go as they pleased. most of them only ever came, they didn't leave. the one exception was Charles Widmore, and he was exiled as a result.
-The Dharma Initiative was there to study the effects of the electromagnetism. similar to the group of people the MIB hung with after he left his mother and Jacob.
-Ben's deal is that he was always seeking a purpose. Hurley gave him one when he named him his number 2.
2.) Jack isn't the only one who died. They all died. Eventually. But if you mean in the context of the finale, the MIB also died.

Meghan said...

Ooops. That was a typo. I meant to say "why DID the MIB turn into the smoke monster". As in, why did he turn into it when he fell, but Desmond didn't? Though I guess I the answer is the freakish resistance to the electromagnetism.

I did mean that Jack was the only who one who died the finale. You're right the MIB died too - I think I never actually considered him to be "alive" though, in that he was a giant smoke monster, not fully human.