Friday, April 02, 2010

sad Mama!

Things haven't been going well with the wisdom teeth extraction. I'm still in an unbearable amount of pain (and I like to think my pain tolerance is relatively high) and come to find out, percosets make me pretty sick. I will be going back to the dentist first thing tomorrow morning to rule out an infection, but as of right now I'm at the same place I've been all week. On the couch, unable to do anything.

Normally that sounds pretty good (minus the pain!). Sit on the couch for a week and have my husband take care of me? Don't mind if I do! But it's been really hard to just not be able to take care of, or play with my Baby Girl. She knows something's up too - she gives me looks when she's playing that are plainly asking why I'm not playing with her.

Breaks my heart. I owe her about 3 weeks worth of playing when I get better!

And..... she started crawling this week! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a crawler!

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