Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In my on going effort to not look like a beached whale on my Fun Filled Family Vacation to the beach this summer, I'm still plugging along with my "losing weight" quest. It's in quotes, because I did manage to lose 15 pounds. I know! Go me!! And then they came right back on, right around the same time I decided that Italian subs really are good for you. And there's no reason NOT to have them once a week!

So yeah, the pounds came back.

And I look like a whale.

So I'm back at it. The best I can hope for now is to get rid of the same 15 pounds, plus (maybe) another 5 if I try really really hard. Though I have to admit I'll be pretty happy if I am 20 pounds lighter when I go on vacation.

The point in all this (and there is one this time) is that I am counting my calories.

*** RANDOM ASIDE HERE: If you want to count your calories (and other fats/nutrients as well) and you have an iPhone (and maybe an iPod touch or an iPad - I assume apps work on all of them...) I highly recommend "Lose It". It's free and tremendously easy to track calories and exercise. END OF RANDOM ASIDE ***

So I knew that last night I only had about 30 calories left for the day. I also knew that I would want a bag of my Smart Pop (only 100 calories!). There was no way in hell I was going to the gym at 7:45 at night. So I dragged out my Wii Fit (I didn't weigh myself though. It's demoralizing to see your Mii get all round and pudgy. And nothing was worse than when I was 48 months pregnant and it told me I was obese) and did the advanced step and the hula hoops, and then I turned on the free step. For those of you not familiar with the free step in Wii Fit, you basically turn it on, and it plays a rhythm through the remote and you step on and off the balance board to the rhythm. It goes for a half hour and wants you to do 2400 steps. So it's nothing that will kill you, but it's a good way to watch TV for a half hour. At least you aren't just sitting on the couch.

On it went, and I turned on the season premier of Army Wives (oh, the drama! LOVE IT!) and stepped on and off that stupid balance board for 30 minutes while yelling at the TV because, let's face it, those are some stupid story lines on Army Wives.

Moral of the story? If you ever need entertaining, just come to our house at night. If you are lucky you will get to see a short chubby overtired woman doing a step routine and yelling at a Lifetime Original Series. I guarantee you will laugh.

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