Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I heart Kohl's

I know, it's not cool to love Kohl's. But I do. I got a belt, 2 pairs of pajamas for BG, a tank top, and a picture frame for $39. And they carry Carter's baby clothing. What is better than Kohl's? They have sales every day! Every single day! Okay, yes, I understand that since these "sales" are a daily occurrence they aren't really sales. But I still feel like I saved money. And really, would anyone ever pay full price for anything at Kohl's?

I did learn I go to Target way too often. I was headed to Kohl's and ended up in the Target parking lot. I apparently just travel on autopilot.

No, I do not want to ever open a Kohl's charge card. If you never ask me ever again, I'll spend an extra $10. Thanks.

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