Saturday, February 27, 2010

good idea? bad idea?

Andrew and I went skiing today at Wachusett (mountains of fun, minutes away!). For my one and only day of skiing this year, it went okay. The conditions and weather were good, but not great. My skiis are in terrible shape. I am in terrible shape. But I did the best I could, didn't fall, and saw a very good friend that I hardly ever get to see anymore. I was happy to ski, happy to see my friend, and it felt GOOD to be outside. When I was younger and would come in from a day of sailing my mother would always ask if I bled or if I cried. If the answer was no, then it was a good day. I guess I can officially call today a good day.

We got a lot of runs in, since the mountain wasn't too crowded and it's not that big in the first place. I can do black diamonds there, so I felt good about my skiing ability. I'm exhausted now. Skiing once a year can take a lot out of you!

My baby is sick with a nasty head cold and cough. It's breaking my heart. If only you could give a baby cold medicine! I stopped nursing her two weeks ago. And now she has a cold. WHY DID I STOP????

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