Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everyone calm down

I was going to write a review of the Twilight Saga today, as I just finished it last night. But that can wait till another day. Except this: Though I wavered back and forth, I am neither Team Edward nor Team Jacob. I am Team DO YOU HAVE ANY CONCEPT OF HOW LONG ETERNITY IS?

Instead I will touch upon 2 things that have been bothering me. The first being the new version of "We are the World". There are two complaints about the new version that bother me the most. (1) it was a crappy song to begin with, why did they bother to remake it?, and (2) there's too much rap in it. To the "it was a crappy song to begin with" haters - yes, it was a cheesy 80's pop song. That got a lot of people talking and raised awareness and money for an extremely impoverished region of the world. It did what it set out to do - and it's still around today. I supposed they could have come up with a new song, but everyone already knows and remembers We are the World. I thought it was a nice touch to remake it in order to help more people. To the "there's too much rap in it" people - it's a POP song! Lest you forget, the "pop" in pop music and pop culture actually is short for "popular" The popular music of 2010 includes rap and R&B. The original version was 80's cheese and the 2010 version is heavily influence by rap because that's the type of music that is/was popular at the time the song was written. Plus Wyclef put this thing together, and the last time I checked he wasn't an opera singer. So get over yourself, because like it or not, this song did a lot of good and raised some more money.
But - I don't like how they put Janet singing with Michael. Come on now, let the dead man sing by himself!

Secondly, today is Ash Wednesday. Though I have mad beef with the Catholic Church and no longer consider myself a member, I did go to 16 years of Catholic school (plus 2 additional years of CCD to make my confirmation) and I learned a thing or two about Catholicism. So let me remind you. Today is the beginning of Lent. We (by "we" I mean "practicing Catholics") celebrate the 40 days leading up to Easter by remembering Jesus' sacrifice and making a sacrifice of our own (in addition to the fasting and non meat eating that goes on during Lent). That sacrifice is supposed to be just that. A SACRIFICE. It doesn't mean "hey, I could lose about 10 pounds, how about I give up candy for lent?". The point is self sacrifice, it is not to stop doing something you shouldn't be doing in the first place.

And those are my rants for the day.


Cincinnatus said...

I gave up Facebook for Lent, and less than 20 hours in, I'M DYING.

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