Monday, November 16, 2009

To Ferberize or not...

Baby Girl goes to sleep one of two ways:

1. Screaming her little head off for 30 minutes before succumbing to extreme exhaustion.
2. falls asleep while eating and allows one of us to place her in her crib.

You will notice that neither one of these options includes her being placed in her crib drowsy, but awake, and learning how to put herself to sleep. She's not yet the champion self soother that I know she can (needs) to be. Clearly it is time to Feberize. But is she old enough? Will it cause lasting scars to her fragile psyche? Do the sell high enough proof alcohol in the Commonwealth to get us through the first few nights of Ferberizing?

The first step is getting the book from the library. Then to find grain alcohol.

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