Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've been wronged!

Andrew and I joined a gym at the end of August. We initially became interested in this particular gym because it has cheap rates and was soon to be moving to a brand new location with brand new equipment. When we toured the old facilities we were told that the new gym was going to have both an indoor track and a full basketball court for pickup games and whatnot. You had to have the super membership to use both of those amenities. We discussed the pros and cons of the regular membership and the super membership. I really wanted access to the indoor track, because I used to belong to a YMCA that had an indoor track and I loved it. Andrew really wanted access to the basketball court because he enjoys playing and wanted to be able to join a pickup game. So we signed up for the super membership, even though we were attracted to the rates of the regular membership.

The gym finally moved to the new location 2 weeks ago. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks, so today was the first time I made it to the new gym. I was beyond angry at what I saw.

First of all, there is no new equipment. It's all the old (and I do mean old) equipment from the original location. So that was a lie.

Secondly, anyone can access the indoor track. You do not need to be a super member to use it. That's another lie. That lie makes me the most angry because that was the WHOLE REASON I was willing to pay for the super membership!

Thirdly, the basketball court is currently being used as a holding pen for homeless equipment and cannot be used for its intended purpose. Yup... the whole reason Andrew was willing to pay for the super membership is moot. I won't call that one a lie YET, but it doesn't seem like the court will be used for anything other than a dumping ground for quite some time.

I could kick myself for signing that contract. I just never thought that they were blatantly lying about the new facilities. Lessons learned, I guess. Shame on me for being so naive.

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