Thursday, November 05, 2009


Okay, let's just get something out there: I know a lot of people would refuse to be vaccinated, don't believe that H1N1 warrants this much attention, and don't even want the seasonal flu vaccine. I, however, am not one of them. I already received my seasonal flu vaccine. And, super lucky for me, I am in the first group of high risk people eligible for receiving the H1N1 shot! The reason that I am eligible is because I am a parent to an infant under 6 months, because Baby Girl is too young to get it.

But I cannot find the stupid vaccine anywhere. I am already in the habit of washing my hands frequently throughout the day, I use sanitzer after I have touched something particularly nasty (like shopping carts... blech), and I try to avoid public door knobs, handles, and germ collectors like that.

But here is my problem. As of Monday, my office is closing down and we are being relocated into the home office. I have about 6.9 trillion things about this move that make me upset/frustrated/sad/stressed, but now, on top of everything else, I am going to be working among something like 2,000 people. That's right, 2000 people, 1 campus. There's just no way I can keep myself germ free in an environment like that. If I get sick and in turn my child gets sick all because I can't find an H1N1 vaccine ANYWHERE, heads are going to roll. Admittedly, these heads are going to have to be fictional, since I can't actually DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. But I will be angry. And you, dear reader, will have to listen to me complain. So let's all pray I can find a vaccine soon.

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