Monday, November 02, 2009

cleaning up

a few minor edits to the blog.

I finally deleted the blogs that are no longer updated from the list to the right. I'm always looking for more blogs, so let me know if you have one that you like and has at least semi-frequent updates. I will never link to a blog that does sponsored posts (like pay per post, or Izea, or whatever it is calling itself these days). I don't care if you monetize the crap out of your blog with 4oo ads per page, but sponsored blog posts are a huge sell out and a waste of everyone's time. But anything else goes.

I added and deleted some widgets on the side. Nothing too major. Some more links will be coming, but I'll get to that at some point later this week. Tonight I have to watch Kate Gosselin cry in front of some cameras. Should be interesting.

(note to self, do not have 8 children)


Bree said...

Whew. Glad to see my LOST blog and my other blog, which were last updated in April and the beginning of October, respectively, still make the cut. Oh, maybe I shouldn't draw your attention to that...oh look! Over there! Something shiny!

May I suggest This is a blog co-written by myself and a friend of mine from here in SD. And, well, since someone else is involved in the writing, it's bound to be updated more often than the aforementioned blogs. But again, look! Something shiny! You can also follow @traffictirades on Twitter if you so desire. And you know you do.

Meghan said...

The LOST blog gets a pass while it's on hiatus. The Pilots Wife however... clock is ticking!!! I will check out the other blog when I am not on the iPhone.