Sunday, August 30, 2009

I hate the music industry

I have been watching USA network a lot this summer (how else am I going to watch Law and Order SVU and NCIS every day?) and in the beginning of the summer they were heavily promoting the last season of Monk. In one of their ads, they had a song playing that I really liked. Tonight (a month after they stopped airing that particular ad) I finally sat down to download it off iTunes.

Ha! Joke's on me!

That particular song is only available if you buy the whole album. Every other song off that album is available as a single. The one that they know people will want to buy is not.

Apparently they have not yet figured out that people don't buy albums anymore. Yes, before the h8 mail (oh, I'm so fluent in tween) starts, I'm aware that some people DO still buy albums. But we all have to admit that the majority of music buyers now buy their music as singles. And I'm willing to buy it! Andrew could easily get it for me through some less-than-legal channels, but I do prefer to legally purchase my music. However, the powers that be have decided that I can't buy the song I want. Well, you just lost my $1.29! And I'll think twice before buying any other song from that artist!

So FYI to the music industry. People like to DOWNLOAD SINGLES. So let them do it.

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Andrew said...

I heard a rumor that this was the last season of Monk... but that must just be crazy talk...