Friday, August 14, 2009

4 months?

I was sitting at Chipolte tonight with BG and we were waiting for Andrew to bring us (okay, me) a yummy chicken burrito when a couple with a 3ish year old girl walked in. And the mother saw me and BG sitting there and stopped dead in her tracks. She asked me how I could be out and about with such a new baby. New? She's almost 8 weeks old. Is that new? She then told me she and her husband didn't go out for 4 months. 4 months!!! Andrew and I had BG out with us running errands at 8 days. We went to Falmouth for the first time at 12 days. And we've been down the cape every weekend since she was about 2.5 weeks old.

Are we strange, or is she?

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The Accidental Blogger said...

She's strange.

Also, I'll be in New Hampshire this upcoming weekend and was hoping to make time to say 'Hi' the newborn/see you guys. I lost my phone though so I don't have anyone's number. If you guys will be able to meet up give me a call. It would be good to catch up.