Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lazy hazy crazy days of summer

I think I've hit rock bottom on the lazy scale.

Andrew recently asked me why I still have a link to Matt's old blog - my answer was because it's too complicated to update the links. And it's just as easy for me to click on Ian's blog and then link over to Matt's from there. But yet in the time it took me to write this sentence, I could have updated my own links. It's probably never going to happen though. Because then I would also have to delete the links to blogs that are no longer updated (I'M TALKING TO YOU, BREE!!), and that's just a hassle. I'm just too lazy to spend 5 minutes cleaning up the links on my blog.

I have to return 2 shirts to Old Navy via mail. They have been sitting on my bureau for 2 weeks. I bet they stay there for a minimum of 2 more weeks. Let's face it, they will probably be there for a month or so.

I still haven't made dinner. I stopped doing that almost 2 months ago. I don't think I will start again any time soon.

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Andrew said...

I was going to leave you a comment about your laziness, but I'm too apathetic to do so.

Now fix those links!