Friday, May 01, 2009

Flame Free Friday Confessions

and here we are, back to another Friday. I know I should have more posts, but I'm really busy right now. It will end soon though, and then I will have nothing better to do than to update this blog. I bet you can't wait!

So here are today's confessions

* I have an overwhelming urge to smack people who judge me for using daycare. Guess what, the mortgage doesn't pay itself. And yes, I still take home money from my paycheck after paying daycare. So just shut the eff up.

* I told myself I would get on the Bruins bandwagon in the spring. Well, it's spring and the second round of playoffs has begun, and I still just don't care.

* Heidi and Spencer make me laugh because I don't think they get that the rest of the world is laughing AT them and not with them.

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The Accidental Blogger said...

Someone is judging you for using daycare? Are they crazy? Maybe thirty years ago you could get by paying a mortgage on one person's income but today, unless you're making way more bank than 98% of the rest of us are, that's just not going to happen.