Friday, May 29, 2009

Different sort of Friday

Yes, it's Friday, but no confessions this week. Today is a special Friday because it is my Birthday Graduation Day!!! I officially graduated from UMB today, I am done with school forever and ever, Amen. I am also another year older.

I started my grad school journey in September of 2005, and it was a really long dark road. Now it's over, I have my MBA, and no one can take it away from me! When I started I was 24, single, and living at my parents house. Now I'm... well, NOT 24, married, paying a mortgage, and about to become a mother. I can safely say I did not let school get in the way of living my life, though it did add a whole lot of stress to it. I think we all know I did not enjoy the ride. But now it's completely and absolutely over. Praise Jesus.

It's my birthday today too! Last year Andrew and I went out to Boston for dinner and drinks. This year I think we will come home after my graduation dinner, eat leftover cupcakes that my friends gave me yesterday, and I'll fall asleep early. Hopefully next year there will be fresh margs included in the birthday celebration!

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