Monday, April 20, 2009

a million bathtubs a minute

I'm back!

Andrew isn't a fan of Obama, and he routinely says we now live in a socialist country (I'm not sure how Obama has turned us into socialists in 3 months...). I told him that every time he says that from now on, I am going to pull out the hotel bill from this trip. We paid tax.... ON THE PARKING FEE!! This is in addition to the ridiculous taxes we paid on everything else. Taxes in socialist countries are crazy. I routinely complained all weekend that not only do I have to pay for my own health insurance, but I have to pay for theirs as well. I know, I know, no one made me go to Canada, blah blah blah. But I did go, and I don't think I will forget paying tax on my parking fee for a long long time. We only bought one tiny thing up there, because I was afraid I would have to max out my credit card to pay the sales tax.

Okay, enough complaining about crazy socialists. On to the actual vacation. Here are the highlights from the trip:

* my Carolla can go almost 900 miles on 3 tanks of gas

* if you have to drive 7.5 hours to get where you are going, it is so worth getting up around 5 to hit the road

* a million bathtubs full of water go over the Canadian Falls every minute. That fact will be drilled into your head after your trip to Niagara.

* Canadians pay a lot of taxes and don't like microbrews as much as we do in New England. Well, I just guessed on the second part of that statement, but seeing as we only ever saw Molson on tap, I'm guessing the Microbrew industry isn't too huge. Not that I had any beer, but I think Andrew was looking for a little more selection

* Going to the Falls & Furkin when you are 27 and pregnant isn't as much fun as going to the Squire & Firkin when you are 19, legal for the first time, and singing crazy karaoke.

* Clifton Hill = the epitome of tourist cheesy.

* I am not a good gambler, because I cash out when I am $9 up (which was technically $21 down).

* The Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa does not put mini fridges in its room.

I had pictures posted and captioned, but then the wireless crapped out on me and blogger didn't autosave it. I'm really frustrated and not going through that aggravation again. Maybe later.


Andrew said...

Reader correction: It isn't Molson, its Canadian. And I would have been happy with some Labatts - make that "Blue", but there wasn't any of that, or the Sleeman that Ian always talks about. All in all, I'm fairly disappointed with the Niagara Falls beer selection.
Don't forget, the Horseshoe Falls (ie the Canadian Falls)... 1 million bathtubs. A Minute. Million. Bathtubs. Falls.

Meghan said...

If the name of the beer is Molson Canadian, I can call it Molson if I want to. Or if I want to fill up a million bathtubs a minute with it.

Anonymous said...

Most bars in Canada are not free houses, and so the taps are "tied" to a particular brewery, almost always being either Labatts or Molsons. Hence the abundance of meh beer. There is a growing micro scene, and a bit down the ways from the Squire & Firkin is a lovely spot full of imported/craft beer.

And Andrew, you didn't miss anything by not having the Sleeman's.

Meghan said...

Thank you Anonymous for bringing me back to this post. And I'd like to update everyone: I had completely forgotten about paying sales tax on my parking fee.