Tuesday, March 03, 2009

varius and sundry items

ie, the inner workings of my brain

#1 (I apologize, but you won't understand this if you aren't familiar with the interstate highway system around Boston) On Monday, a coworker of mine asked me how I get to work. I told her I get on 128. This confused her greatly, which confused me because she grew up in the town next to where I live now. How can she not get this? She asked me if I meant 95. No... I mean 128, before it merges with 95. You know, where I live. Also known as 93 (are the non Massholes confused yet?). I then explained in great detail how I take 138 to 128/93. She still didn't get it. She then decided that what I call 128 is actually 95 and went on her way. I just stood there, making my decaf coffee, wondering if we had just had the same conversation, because we reached two very different outcomes.

#2. I have to drive to Worcester for some pointless training tomorrow. I'm not happy about it. That's all I have to say about that. But I might have a cold cut sandwhich tomorrow and I'm insanely excited about that prospect.

#3. I'm 24 weeks pregnant. The fuck? Where did the past 24 weeks go? And you're telling me I only have 16 weeks left? eeerrr..... can we pause time for a second? Also, my baby furniture is in. Which would be fantastic, but I have no where to put it. The room that it is going in is still completely furnished. Anyone want to buy some fabulous white wicker furniture? We're putting it in on Craig's List this weekend, and I'll give anyone who mentions this blog 1% off the final price. BARGAIN! I have to sell it in a week though - other wise it's getting cut up and thrown away. On the same pregnancy topic - I'm huge. I don't look like a woman who is starting off her 6th month of pregnancy, I look like a woman who is 40 weeks pregnant with triplets. Or at least that's how I see myself. If I wasn't in my pajamas, I would take a picture and post it. Maybe next time. Maybe before I hit 30 weeks.

#4. I don't want to brag.... yes, I do, who am I kidding. And this is my blog, so I am going to. I got promoted last Friday, and it came with a pretty nice pay raise. (okay, so "pretty nice" is a relative term, but I am going to be taking home a bigger paycheck than before. And by "bigger" I do mean "marginally bigger"). So, to toot my own horn, YAY FOR MEGHAN!!!!

#5. I haven't had chocolate today. I think the last time that happened, I was not in the family way.

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