Sunday, March 15, 2009

sucked in

In case you are either A) a boy or B) The Gap, Inc doesn't have your email address, and you didn't know that this weekend was 30% off your entire order at Old Navy, Gap, Piperlime, and Banana Republic, let me bring you up to speed: This weekend is 30% off weekend. I had been attempting to avoid the temptation. 30% off is not really that good of a sale, especially for Old Navy, when you can get a much better deal off their clearance racks. But this morning when I logged into my email and I got the reminder that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!! I had to at least check. Especially since I need maternity yoga pants - as the weather gets nicer and I walk outside more often, I will need something to wear. The only thing I have now is a very old pair of grey sweatpants, that while they still do fit around the gigantic stomach, no longer have any drawstring on them, and I am very afraid they will fall down.

So I check out the site, find some maternity yoga pants... and a skirt.... and a tank top.... and I did find ONE pair of capris that actually were maternity (they are trying to pass off pants without any sort of panel as maternity. Yeah, my desire to wear "real waist" pants left me somewhere before Christmas, thank you very much! I'll have to go to Target to find some capris that are actually maternity!). But I found them at the Gap and not Old Navy, which means they were $20 more than they would have been at Old Navy. Normally I'm a Gap girl myself, as Old Navy stuff only tends to last a season or two and Gap will last longer, but right now I only need the clothes to last one season, and I am not paying $54 for a pair of capris! So I didn't end up getting them. And I did end up, with the sale price, paying $43 for my new clothes.

After all that, I saved..... $15. When if I hadn't bought anything I wouldn't have spent anything! Damn email marketing!!!

But I really did need the yoga pants! And I paid with my own "play" money, so I don't even need to hear the lecture from Andrew. HA!

Speaking of walking outside, yesterday hit about 50 degrees and Andrew and I walked Wollaston Beach. Well, Andrew walked and I wobbled. But it was quite enjoyable and the salty air did us both some good. I'm so excited that we can do that more and more often, the closer we get to Spring! (though your calendar might say spring will be here next week, here in New England we're still a solid month away from it).

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