Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It never gets easier

Everyone knows that marriage is difficult. It's drilled into our heads from the time that sparkly ring goes on her finger until you walk down the aisle. " It's not easy, you have to compromise, blah blah blah". However, I haven't found it to be very difficult, at least not yet. Sure, there was a time when Andrew kept moving around all the plates in the cabinet and putting them on the top shelf even though I can't reach the top shelf.... but they've been on the bottom for a few years now. So while every day hasn't been sunshine and roses, in general, marriage hasn't proven to be as hard as some people might want you to believe it is.

What is nearly impossible is splitting the holidays. It causes unhappiness with all sorts of people, feelings get hurt, people get insulted, parties are strained, and I'd bet too much alcohol gets consumed because of it! Andrew and I have been splitting the holidays for about 4 years. It has yet to become any easier for us. Every year something comes up that throws our schedule off and the whole cycle of unhappiness is started again. We don't host any of our own holidays for 2 reasons:
1. We live in 900 SF
2. Everyone in our family already has their own holiday schedule and I don't think anyone would come.

So every year, no matter what the holiday, one of us is missing out, annoyed that we are somewhere we don't want to be, and in general not in a very merrymaking mood. 2009 is no exception.

I will say (and this might make me a bad person - but I don't care), I will NEVER be in Keene, NH on July 4th ever again. I've made that one pretty clear. I'm willing to compromise on all other days, but to spend July 4th in Keene instead of Falmouth is asinine, and I won't do it. Nor will my daughter. Any other holiday I will share, but not that one. End. Of. Story.

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The Accidental Blogger said...

I agree, but Keene and I have never been tight. I'm sort of dreading July/the summer down here. The two weather related bits of info everyone says are 1. It never snows and 2. the summers are awful. Good times.