Sunday, February 15, 2009

old and busted or new hotness?

After breakfast at Kelly's (my new favorite Canton breakfast place) and an errand to Target, Andrew and I wandered over to the Auto Mile to poke around and look at new cars. We're not really in the market for a new car yet - the ones we have are paid off and perfectly cromulent vehicles. But we know within the next couple of years, we'll need to upgrade from the Sentra and get something bigger. I was more than a little shocked at the prices of these vehicles. Granted, for the most part we were looking at new cars, and we will most likely end up with a slightly used car (one that comes off a lease or something to that effect), but I was still floored by the prices. We both really liked the new Toyota Venza, but I wasn't so impressed by the $40,000 price tag. I really think people who spend $40,000 on a car should have their heads examined. Unfortunately because Venza's are so new, there are no used ones yet.

I don't understand people who see cars as status symbols. Maybe it's me, but spending $40,000 on a car is just absolutely asinine. Unless I win the lottery and have millions upon millions of dollars, I don't think I will ever spend $40,000 on something that depreciates the minute you buy it - not to mention will be used to cart around dirty, sticky, smelly babies.

And the gas mileage on some of these cars. Do people really buy and drive cars that get 12-15 MPGs???? Because if you do, you should be taken out back and shot. Maybe just shot with a bb gun (not looking to kill here, just maim). That's ridiculous and you should be embarrassed to get in your vehicle and turn it on. We got into a used Explorer just for fun, and while we REALLY liked the room it had, I think it got about 11 MPG. Um, no. Thanks, I'll drive a more efficient car and let my daughter breathe cleaner air.

We did see a couple of used Subaru Tribecas that we actually really liked. A leeeetle too expensive to buy new, but we found some reasonably priced used ones for about $20K. I still don't like spending that much money on a car, but I know at some point vehicles cost money and I can't keep buying Carollas for the rest of my life (although if I could, I would - maybe I'll just have an only child and be a Carolla family).

So, I hope we can hold on to our current cars for a year or two more. Because I don't belong in the car-buying world. I have a fundamental disagreement with everything about it!


Anonymous said...

if you liked the space of the explorer, you should think about the hyundai santa fe. my mom has one, and she really likes the room. not sure on the mpg, but i'm fairly certain it's more than 11. :)

Meghan said...

we both like the Santa Fe, but we didn't look at it yesterday. I think our decision (which, fingers crossed, will not be made for at least a year) will come down to Rav4, Tribecca, Santa Fe, or Camry.

Or I will win the lottery and buy myself a Lexus Hybrid crossover SUV. Breaking my $40K rule, of course, but I did say I would if I won the lotter :)