Sunday, January 04, 2009


We've heard countless times over the past 15 weeks that our lives are going to change when the baby comes, blah blah blah. That was news to me, I thought I could just stick the baby in a drawer when I got bored. Silly me. So while, yes, I am fully aware my life will change, so you can stop telling me about it - I wasn't quite aware of how much of an undertaking getting READY for the baby would be. We have barely scratched the surface of what we need to do and I am already overwhelmed.

The bedroom that will become a nursery is already fully furnished with non nursery things. And it's been our catch all dumping ground for 33 months. Before we can pack everything up and throw away the furniture we have in here (anyone want any of it?) we have to clean it all out. We started that adventure yesterday. We cleaned out the desk and shelves, put all our text books on Amazon (at great deals!), cleaned out and re-organized the filing cabinet, and cleaned out my closet. This morning I have literally a quarter of the clothes in my closet that I did yesterday morning. I donated a bag to charity, threw away a bag, put away some things will won't fit until after the pregnancy and stored the rest of my summer things. All of that took over 3 hours. We need to finish cleaning out the room next weekend. How exciting is the life we lead?

Oh, and today we get to look for new TV stand and bookshelves. My weekends are already revolving around my unborn child and I'm not even showing yet.

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