Thursday, January 01, 2009

new year; new look

Some changes to the blog for the new year. I was getting a little sick of the old version. I really wish Blogger gave some more choices for a template, but I suppose you have to take what you get to some extent, considering this is a free platform.

The changes are pretty obvious. Unfortunately my ticker had to be deleted because I couldn't fit it anywhere else. So you won't have a daily reminder of when I graduate, but it's not that far away. May 29th - remember that date, and not just because it's MY BIRTHDAY!! This year it's also my graduation day! I won't be walking at my ceremony, as I will be about 36 weeks pregnant at that point and graduation ceremonies at huge universities are not quick and conducive to women who are 36 weeks pregnancy. So I won't be celebrating with my fellow graduates, and I won't have the vat of margaritas I wanted to have, but I'll be celebrating in my own pregnant way!

Also obvious - I added a photo to the top of the blog. I'm going to change them monthly and hopefully they will reflect something about the current month. If you are paying attention, you'll know I took the current photo in December, but hey, it snows in January too. I have a feeling the February photo may include snow. And this will force me to take some nicer pictures. Although my camera is a piece of junk, so you will have to put up with what I can manage to get that camera to produce.

So what are your New Years resolutions? I have 2: to drink more water (I am terrible with getting enough water) and to try to put a little more of an effort in my appearance at work. I'm so tired at 6:20 in the morning, that all I manage is to make sure my pants and top match and are reasonably not-wrinkled. And the last part only happens because Andrew irons my clothes for me. I need to try a little harder, if only for my own sake. I just feel fat at this point - if you didn't know I was pregnant, you would never guess I was. I'm not showing yet, but I'm gaining weight everywhere (some may tell you that means I'm carrying a girl) and I don't feel pretty. So those are my goals for 2009. Except I'm giving myself a reprieve from the second one when I go back to work in September - I don't have any delusions of being pretty at work after sleepless nights. Although maybe we'll win the lottery between now and then and I won't have to go back to work at all!

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