Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am Not. Warm.

I haven't seen temperatures in the negatives in a year or so - I'm sure they've reached below zero at night when I'm asleep, but the past few days, we've seen negative numbers during daylight hours. I've seen as cold as -6º and as warm as about 3º in the past 36 hours. I try not to complain too much about the cold weather since it's a fact of life in New England and I do enjoy having all 4 seasons, but enough is enough. Time for some temperatures that are not only positive integers, but also double digits. I'd be happy with 10 right now.

I have a gift certificate to Circuit City, and I need to spend it soon. Any ideas on what I should buy? I went today to get a DVD player (because we've been using the xBox 360 for the past 3 years) but they didn't really have anything. Their selection is only going to decrease, so I want to find something soon - before they sell out of everything except seasons of Saved By The Bell. Everything I want is well over the $90 I have to spend, so I'll take suggestions.

Andrew just put together his mother's webcam and we Skyped with his brother. Even though that's not new technology at all, I was still impressed with it. I think the Skype menu looks like AIM did back in the day, which amuses me somewhat. I'm still not sold on having a webcam of my own, but it was cool to play around with it.

okay, I'm beyond freezing, time to go get this fire going!


Matt said...

Is the xbox 360 broken or are you looking to get a separate dvd player for another room? If you're looking for dvd players, the only other question is if you want to look at blu-ray as a possibility (upconvert might be an interim solution as well)...

Meghan said...

the xbox has started making really loud and funny noises while playing DVDs. So we were think of getting a DVD player and saving the xbox for games.

I'm all set with blue ray until they come down in price. Significantly.