Thursday, November 20, 2008

overly emotional

Lately I've been a little crazy emotional. I blame stress and UMass. Because my stress comes from UMass, and really why not blame everything on UMass whether logical or not? I don't know why, but the end of the fall semster is always worse than the end of Spring semester. My theory is because you have stress surrounding you at Christmas time anyway and it's getting colder and darker. But in the middle of May you're all happy because summer is coming and it's getting warmer and lighter.

Since I have Christmas, end of semester, and work stress right now, I'm a mess. I cry at everything. My house is a mess because the physical act of cleaning it is beyond me right now. I have to write checks out to all my "shit, it's the end of the year, we need to give a LOT more money for the tax write off, or else we will owe" organizations. Those being SAC, NDA, St. John's, and this year Norwich University basketball team. But I can't find my checkbook (because honestly, who writes checks nowadays?) and every time I try to look, I cry. I've bought about 3 Christmas presents and I need to buy about 30 more. (I enjoy paying off Christmas until March, no really, I do). I have to buy stamps. Where do you even buy stamps aside from the post office? I haven't bought a stamp since last Christmas. I really don't want to go to the post office, there is no parking there.

Do you see how difficult my life is? Okay, I know it's not that bad. And in about 6 months I'll be done with school. But right now I'd be willing to trade. Anyone?

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