Sunday, November 23, 2008

5 dollar footlong

I don't like how the numbers on the field are outlined in orange at Dolphin Stadium. If someone could do something about that for me, that'd be fantastic.

It's been pretty cold this weekend, especially in Keene. Windchills have been in the single digits. Luckily the cold snap is going to end tomorrow and it's going back up to 40ยบ. Which is where it is supposed to be in the middle of November!

I'm pretty excited that this is Thanksgiving week. My company gives the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday (we gave up Columbus Day or Veteran's Day - don't know which one- for it). So it's an automatic 4 day weekend/ 3 day work week. That's more exciting than Christmas week. Last year we had to work December 24th and 26th. Lame. This year our CEO gave us Dec 26th. Wasn't that nice of him.... I'm willing to bet that he didn't work the 26th last year, but the rest us had to. So yeah, Thanksgiving week is cool. Even if I have to write a paper this weekend. It's the last Thanksgiving at school.... I have to keep telling myself that.

How annoying is that 5 dollar foot long commercial?

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