Sunday, November 16, 2008

lazy weekend, my behind

I had Friday off as a "vacation" day. In reality I got up early, the plumber came and did his plumber thing. Andrew then went off to work, I stayed home and played Susie Homemaker and we ended up at my parent's house for dinner. Saturday was up early again, Andrew's brother came over to finish up our bathroom (only the tub is still blue now!) while I went back over to my parent's house to play with Miss Molly, then we went up to Manch where we binged on fries and ranch. That was a late night, didn't get home till around midnight. Today, up early AGAIN so the Verizon man could come. He came, but couldn't do anything. Figures. Then we visited some family, then went back up to Nashua to meet up with Andrew's parents.

I am exhausted.

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