Sunday, November 09, 2008

#50 is an eligible receiver

So there I was, sitting on my bed, writing a mind numbingly pointless paper on made up stuff that has nothing to do with reality (okay, there I go on my tangents again) and I hear Andrew come in with the coffee. He's running around shouting like a mad man about going to the Patriots today and how my father has been trying to call and we have to go to Shaws. Um... what? I look at the clock. 11:59. Kickoff is at 1:00pm. No way in hell can we make it. Despite the fact that we live about 10 miles away from Gillette, traffic on Rt 1 on game day brings a new meaning to the word hellish. But, Andrew points out in his mad frenzy, there is no fear of Rt 1 traffic today!! These tickets are coming with a ride from my father's friend who has the special parking pass! Alrighty then, problem solved. I get up and pull some clothes on in about .09 seconds, brush my teeth, and fly out the door. About 12 minutes later we're sitting at the Shaw's parking lot in Sharon/Foxboro (somewhere around there) and about 30 seconds later my father and his friend show up. 10 minutes later, and we're in the back entrance parking lot, walking towards our seats. My father and his friend go up to the club seats; Andrew and I go to the 20th row. On the 45 yard line. And we sit down with our overpriced food just in time to watch kick off.

And we watchted the Pats trounce the Bills. It could only have been better if it was the Colts.

Ticket you can't buy

scoreboard and lighthouse
That's how close we were!
break my heart just a little more
Memories... of the way we were
Patriots and Dunkin Donuts. Fabulous day!
And let's not forget the NKOTB concert I went to on Thursday! Who says you have to grow up? Though I must say Mr. Wahlberg grew up nicely.


Karen's On-line Diary said...

Very good Seats indeed

Bree said...

Just because your tag indicates that I shouldn't hate you, I still do. The Patriots, AND Dunkin' Donuts?!! And you still expect us to be friends?!!! I'm going to go cry bitter, salty tears of resentment and jealousy now.

Andrew said...

Fantastic pics... brings back memories... of the 3 1/2 hours I wasn't inconvenienced by a football game!