Sunday, November 30, 2008


If you are a longtime reader of this blog, or know me in real life then you will know that I'm an avid skier. If you have ever skied with me, you will know that I'm not very good at the sport. However, despite the fact that I'm no Bodie Miller. I really do enjoy it. It's one of my favorite things to do that doesn't involve the summer months.

Much to my dismay, there will be no skiing for Meghan this year. Baby (or "Parasite" as I have started calling him) has put a very quick end to that. When I found out I was in the family way, the lack of skiing is one of the first thoughts that went running through my head. I haven't spent a winter without skiing since the last winter of college (2002/2003). I'm really upset about that. I've already told my mother that I will be dropping the baby (parasite) off next winter while I got skiing for the day. However, that's about 15 months away. It does nothing to help me get through this winter. I'm aware that when you have a baby, your life completely changes. But why does it have to change so much before he even makes his appearance?

(ps, although I am referring to the baby as "he", we in fact, have no idea what the sex is and won't for some time. But I know it's a boy.)


Bree said...

really? because i think it's a girl. (or maybe that's just wishful thinking for an arranged marriage). so far, i have yet to be wrong about these things. however, since i don't really have a strong feeling one way or another, i'm going to go ahead and say it's BOTH. fraternal twins - one girl, one boy. that's my call.

Meghan said...

don't even joke about that!