Sunday, October 12, 2008

busy bee

Another crazy weekend. I took tomorrow as a vacation day, but Andrew has to work. I'm really happy I can sleep in tomorrow. I'm exhausted and the Patriots are going to keep me up past my bedtime. Though the way this game is going, I may go to bed at halftime.

Yesterday we spent a lot of money at Lowe's and bought a new vanity, sink, toilet, and medicine cabinet/light fixture. The first weekend in November everything will be installed. If you haven't seen my turquoise bathroom you've got about two weeks to come view it. Though the bathroom is staying blue at this point, we'll tackle that later. We're still debating whether to do bathfitters or re-tile ourselves and have the tub glazed white. Re-tiling will look better, but we have no idea what we're doing, so there's a huge possibility we will mess it up. We're still debating what to do... I'd like to get it all done now, but it will look much better with what we're going to be doing.

Last night was my cousin's wedding. It was a really nice affair, but it was a late night. And we got up early this morning to head to Keene where we spent a few hours putting the in-laws' new TV together. It's a pretty sweet TV, it made coming back to our little 37" TV hard.

So we're home now, I'm exhausted, the Pats are sucking, and my lips are ridiculously chapped. I'm not at my best right now

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