Tuesday, September 23, 2008


For anyone who watches The Biggest Loser, you'll feel my pain. The best team on the show just got voted off! L.T. could have won the whole thing, or at least made it really far, like Dan did last season. As much as I didn't want the yellow team to be voted off, I really wanted the gray team to stay till the end.

Oh well. Such is life.

Aside from Biggest Loser, I've got a lot of shows coming back on. I've been officially sucked into Gossip Girl (I know, I know, it's possibly the lamest show on television... but I'm hooked) and True Blood (though that show freaks me out). Army Wives is still on, and of course, still making me cry. Heroes started last night, but we haven't had time to watch yet. I DVR'd The Mentalist tonight to check it out, but that meant I had to cancel Privileged - which honestly was kind of dragging anyway. Thursday night is The Office, Gray's Anatomy, and Ugly Betty. And next week is Private Practice and Numb3rs. I don't even know how we are going to fit in LOST when it comes back. Plus I'm still DVRing The Hills and Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

My god, my DVR is going to explode. Andrew has some shows that he is taping too. Sadly, a lot of these shows are watched on Saturday and Sunday mornings. And usually halfway through the season we lose a show or two because we can't possibly fit about 8 hours of television into 4 hours on a weekend. I guess we think we're better TV watchers than we are.

I suppose I should feel guilty for watching that many TV shows... but I don't :)

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