Monday, August 25, 2008

I know we will make our mothers proud...

That was a quote by Barak Obama's half sister. It reminds me of my favorite quote from my favorite television show. Paris Geller told Rory "We are the daughters of Hilary Clinton". And a lot of my fellow 27 year olds who grew up watching Bill and Hilary do run the country knew exactly what she was talking about. We are the daughters of Hilary Clinton and we worked hard to get her back to the White House. We tired, and we came further than anyone else has before.

But we didn't get her there. We tried, and we came a long way, but we're still not there yet. The DNC chairman didn't quite understand that when Hilary lost we wouldn't automatically stand behind Obama. Honestly, the DNC has a lot to learn about us. We were for Hilary. If we wanted Obama, we would have voted for Obama in the first place. I don't understand their confusion, but they still don't get why the transfer of support hasn't taken place. The Democratic party is changing, and the establishment should change with us.

The DNC is on tonight.... and yet we keep switching to Princess Diaries. Though, to be fair, Teddy Kennedy isn't on yet. And really, what is more interesting than Teddy K?

We heard President Carter talk about Katrina and Nawleans and the working class... but he did not captivate anyone in the room I was in. Personally, I'd rather watch Princess Mia take princess lessons.

I hope they understand that we are the daughters of Hilary Clinton.

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