Monday, August 11, 2008


I never went to Riverside Park, Whalom Park (you'll have a Whale of a time!), Lincoln Park, Story Land, Water Country, or any other of the amusement parks that were around New England when I was growing up. I did, however, go to Canobie Lake Park every single year, mostly because my father's company had an outing there once a year. I would just get so excited every single year - aside from Disney World when I was 6 (back in the day when only The Magic Kingdom and Epcot existed), Canobie was the only amusement park I ever went to. In fact, to this day, it's still the only amusement park I have been to, excluding the trip to Disney in 1987.

You can imagine my joy when my office had an outing to Canobie Lake last Friday!!!

To my dismay, the Matterhorn no longer exists, and the people I was with had no desire to go on the Bumper Cars. Actually, I was seriously bummed out about the bumper cars, because for most of our Canobie trips, I was too short to go to on the bumper cars. And now that I am tall enough, I wasn't with people who wanted to go on them! But I went on the Log Flume, the Yankee Cannonball, that stupid corkscrew rollercoaster (I hate corkscrew rollercoasters - they hurt my neck!), the Pirate Ship, the Star Blaster, the Boston Tea Party, the glass maze, and so many other fun rides. All of these rides pale in comparison to 6 Flags (or so I am told - but I have nothing to compare them to, so they are fine for me!), but what can you expect from a little family orientated amusement park in Salem NH?

Now if only I can make it to Water Country before I die... I will be a happy child of the 80's!

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